Through our consistent performance, we have an outstanding reputation for developing and implementing a comprehensive retail real estate strategy for clients looking for a single store or considering a major expansion program.


Retail Real Estate Consulting

We are a boutique company that provides clients with accomplished retail real estate professionals. Both tenants and landlords benefit from our customized personal leasing strategies. We have the experience and flexibility to collaborate with your existing real estate departments or provide a cost effective alternative to an in-house department.


Establishing a Real Estate Strategy

We have national experience, on both regional and local levels. Years of working with new and mature retail concepts and a business eye for retail enables us to ask targeted questions to fully understand a client's retail goals. With this perspective, we then establish a real estate plan that will achieve these goals.

Strategy Implementation

We have the proven record of securing the right location for our clients.
Using our well-established industry relationships, we leverage a wealth of experience with leasing space in the nation's premiere regional malls, mixed-use lifestyle centers, and street fronts.

Industry Liaison

We have a proven history of operating as the spokesperson for our client's brand and effectively communicating our client's strategy, objectives, needs, and results to the retail and development community. 

Sales Forecasting (Demographic Anaysis/Mapping)

We develop a comprehensive understanding of our client's target customer through client discussions, along with demographic and psychographic studies. With this understanding, we interpret and apply demographic studies, shopping center, and other tenant performance information to compile analog sales estimates for potential new locations.

Strategic Partner

We have extensive experience in establishing and executing retail strategies to bring new brands to market or expand existing concepts. We value our relationship as a partner with our client's business and are involved in the entire store lifecycle: site selection, lease negotiations, design, construction, opening, ongoing problem solving, and dispositions.

Business Conduct

We conduct all business dealings with a high level of integrity, sophistication, conviction, and confidentiality. We will not compromise our reputation or our clients' simply to complete a transaction. We always take the long view, as we feel it is in our clients' best interest.