Brahmin is headquarted in Fairhaven, MA.

At the core of Brahmin lies quality hand craftsmanship, ensuring each bag exudes continual elegance with every wear. It takes two-dozen artisans over 100 steps to make a Brahmin handbag from start to finish, the entire process done meticulously by hand. Brahmin prides itself not only on the exterior beauty of their handbags, but the complementary interior design that has delivered exceptional functionality to customers for the past three decades.

Today Brahmin remains family owned with its design, operations and manufacturing headquarters based in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The brand is continually recognized for its bold, yet timeless styling of handbags and accessories that allow women all over the globe to express their own personal style.

The Auber Group collaborates with Victor Pereira, Director of stores and the entire Brahmin team to establish the store strategy and execute the deployment of Brahmin stores nationwide.

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